Der Rerum Natura

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Editorial for Drome Magazine, Issue 20, portraing 5 Terrifying Disaster in History:

The Minoic Eruption, 1.600 BC
The Drought of Central Asia, 300 AD
The Black Death, 1348-1350
The Lisbon Earthquake, November 1, 1755
The Yellow River Flood, 1931

A project by Daniela Corcio (art director and stylist for this story), Valentina Eleonora Costa (photographer), Riccardo Pittaluga (assistant photographer), Sabrina Nucci (coordinator), Maria Vittoria Ulivi (assistant coordinator), Silvia Gerzeli (make up & hair), Deborah Parcesepe (model)





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SICCITApeste copia1-copia

  • Date: 11.01.2013
  • Client: Drome Magazine, Belgium
  • Filed under: Collaborations

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